Eligibility of Applications

The bursary is open to the following:

  • People working for a mental health service provider.
  • Students who are, at the point of dissertation (at least 6 months from award date); are in postgraduate training, or have secured a place for the coming year, in a mental health related subject area.
  • Individuals attending/ who have attended a mental health service provider.
  • Carers of individuals with mental health difficulties.

Applications must be endorsed with a letter of support by: a mental health service provider, or an advocacy group member, or an academic within a college or university.


Applications are invited which address psychosis in adult mental health and which contribute to any one of the following award outcomes:

Category 1: To improve service delivery and raise awareness
Innovations promoting early identification and treatment of Psychosis e.g. through the arts; promotion/literature material- carer education leaflets, educational campaigns.
Category 2:  To improve carer education
Innovations aimed at promoting and raising awareness for families
Category 3:  To improve student capacity in the area of research in psychosis
Research dissertation aimed at early identification, at risk factors, and treatment outcomes.
Specific academic education or specialist training course, the outcome of which provides eg a research report, a publication.
Category 4: to provide networking and professional experience
Travel bursary e.g. conference presentation; or, networking with international centres of excellence.
Category 5: Research on psychosis from a service user perspective.

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